Technology Equipment Requisition and Purchasing Policy and Procedures


  1. All purchases of computer equipment, phone equipment, network equipment and software must be reviewed and approved by Information Technology.
  2. All orders must be submitted through the College’s requisition and purchase order process.  No computer equipment or software will be purchased via personal credit cards and checks.  Reimbursements are intended for travel, not technology.  Technology cannot be purchased using district AMEX cards, per the signed agreement with each card holder.  Items that can only be purchased online can be purchased by Information Technology via their district American Express card after the purchase order is ready.
  3. All deliveries must be received, inventoried and configured by Information Technology.
  4. All items will be signed for when delivered by Informatio Technology.  All replaced items are brought back to Information Technology.



Review/needs assessment: A department starts the process in one of two ways.  1) Submit a work order (tech stream) or 2) send an e-mail to the  Information Technology will schedule a ‘needs assessment’ that will include any supplemental items and that evaluates the environment in which the item will be used: e.g. heat, dust, travel.  I.T. will then obtain and forward quotes to the interested department.  Note: Some requests may be handled by a part rather than a replacement unit.  Some items will require accessories or supplies.  Information Technology approval is required to ensure that minimum standards are being met and to confirm that the item will work in the environment and to allow potential coordination with other purchases that could save money.


Ordering:  A Department submits a requisition with the makes and models for all items and a quote number (where appropriate) and gets approval.  Every purchase order is reviewed by Purchasing to ensure that the review process was followed.  The purchase order is declined if not.


Receiving:  All deliveries will be addressed: Atten: IT Techs P020XXXX, 120 Kent Avenue, Kentfield CA.  Once items have been inventoried, and configured if needed, Information Technology will schedule delivery.


Delivery:  Upon delivery, a form with the item or list of items is presented and signed to document receipt and transfer of accountability.  Replaced items are returned to inventory for surplus or re-deployment.


Below is a list of some of the items that require IT approval for purchase. 

  • All software regardless of whether it is being used on a Mac, PC or server.
  • All computers: desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets (e.g. iPad), and e-readers (e.g. Kindle).
  • Printers, phones and devices that connect to the college’s network.


If you have any questions about products or the process, please contact the IT Help Desk at x8181 or by email to

This page was last modified on May 14, 2010